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Focus on Upgrades: How to Get the Balance Right

Jan 15

When you build a new home, you want it to be a unique reflection of your style as well as a perfect fit for your needs. One way to achieve this is by adding some carefully selected upgrades to add a personal touch and enhance the enjoyment of your new home.

Upgrades cover anything you choose above and beyond the standard inclusions, for example, you may opt for Caesarstone benchtops in place of the standard laminate or a walk-in tiled shower in place of the standard base. There really are endless options. The only problem is, that if (like most) your wish list is bigger than your budget, it can be hard to narrow it down!

To get the balance right, it’s important to keep your upgrades targeted, sticking to those that provide value and a tangible benefit – for example, they might make your life easier, reduce your environmental footprint, increase your resale value or up the style factor.

So, to help you identify which are the best fit for your new home, in this article we share the key areas where upgrades can be a great option.


Practical upgrades that will make your life easier


Any features that can make your life easier and more comfortable should be a priority. The practical upgrades that will have the biggest impact vary depending on your climate, household and lifestyle. If you have a large family, a dishwasher is likely a must, whereas for those in a smaller household, it may not be necessary. The same goes for a split-system air conditioner – it is far more essential for homes situated in warmer climates compared to those in milder places. Plus, the inclusion of a carport or garage will keep your car out of the elements, and can also add some valuable storage space, as seen in our Patonga Beach project.

Top 3 practical upgrades: dishwasher, split-system air conditioner, carport/garage.

Lifestyle upgrades that will up the enjoyment


One of the best things about building a new home is designing it to suit your lifestyle. And while ticking off all the must-have practical items is obviously important, be sure your chosen design includes specific features that will make you happy. For many, connection to the outdoors tops the list, and there’s no better way to do this than with bi-fold doors leading out to a spacious deck. And for the days when it’s too cold to get outside, a wall-mounted fireplace provides the perfect warmth and relaxed atmosphere to stay cosy inside. Our Buxton project showcases how all three can create a spectacular effect, especially in picturesque surrounds.

Top 3 lifestyle upgrades: decking/alfresco, bi-fold doors, wall-mounted fireplace.

Stylish upgrades that will enhance the look


We all have our own unique taste and the inclusion of some well-chosen upgrades that reflect your personal style can make a huge difference in how much you love your new home. A popular option is to include feature lighting in the kitchen and living zone, and there are endless designs available. Tapware is another area where a little upgrade can go a long way. Our Metung project combines the two beautifully, which really elevates the kitchen to something special. There are also plenty of alternatives to the standard flooring, and if your budget allows, this can change the look, feel and character of your home.

Top 3 stylish upgrades: lighting, tapware, floor coverings.

Luxury upgrades that provide wow factor


Let’s face it, when you build a new home you want it to have a sense of luxury and impress! The good news is there are some small and simple ways to do this, without overspending. Stone benchtops are a popular choice as they make an impact and are something you’ll appreciate every day. Other ideas include a freestanding bath and/or walk-in shower which can transform your bathroom into a highlight of the home. And while the standard range of Weathertex cladding is high-quality and looks fantastic, the addition of an area of feature cladding can create some serious street appeal, as shown in our four-bedroom Rye project. This project also includes a stunning waterfall Caesarstone benchtop in the stylish kitchen.

Top 3 luxury upgrades: Caesarstone benchtop, freestanding bath/walk-in shower, spotted gum feature cladding.

Sustainability upgrades that will reduce your footprint


Living more sustainably is now much higher on the list of many, and with good reason. Not only will sustainable features help you to reduce your environmental footprint, they will also likely save you money on your power bills. On top of this, they will add value to your home as many potential buyers are looking for a more sustainable house. There are plenty of ways to incorporate sustainable upgrades including solar hot water and LED lighting. If you choose to include a water tank (or need one because you’re building in a bushfire prone area) the tank can easily be matched to suit the colour scheme of your home, as seen in the Daylesford project.                                    

Top 3 sustainability upgrades: LED lighting, water tank, solar hot water.

The right upgrades make all the difference

When choosing your upgrades, think first about your own values. Do you enjoy modern conveniences? Some practical upgrades will likely make you happy. Or do you look forward to time at home with your family? In that case, look for things that will enhance this area of your life. And if you are looking to make a positive impact on the environment, sustainability upgrades should definitely be considered.

With careful planning and a targeted approach, getting the balance right when choosing upgrades is highly achievable – and the results will speak for themselves.

Over to you

Have we missed an important upgrade that you’d like to mention? Or have you got a question about an upgrade you are considering for your own project? We’d love to hear form you! Simply comment below, or get in touch with our team on 03 5145 7110.