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Should obese people be encouraged to lose weight?

Dec 11

There has been a body-positive movement over the past decade that encourages people to accept themselves as they are. Plus-sized Black women invented this term. It is the result of fat activism, which gained momentum in 1968. Know more about at LIV24.

Online communities provide unconditional support and online communities such as 'Body Love Plus,' allow members to share their experiences with each other.

Can you be both healthy and obese?

A healthy weight can help improve your quality of life. You'll feel better and less likely to get diabetes or other metabolic disorders.

Dr. Spencer Nadolsky's meta-analysis found that abdominal fat was associated with higher mortality rates and obesity was associated with lower odds of good outcomes for health.

In January 2021, a new study confirmed the link between obesity and high cholesterol. This can lead to diabetes. You don't have to worry about your BMI. You can still be physically active.

The field has been flooded with nuance.

Luke Worthington is a blogger and social-media personal trainer. He believes that fitness professionals are afraid of him. Luke Worthington says there are many reasons trainers might not answer questions about fat loss and admit that it is a goal. They are afraid that someone might be aware of their weight and accept it, which could lead to them not helping him/her with Scottsdale fat loss.

Imagine losing weight without the need to fast or suffer from side effects. Worthington wants to share his knowledge with all. Worthington stated that it was important to educate everyone about the safety and health benefits of this information.

Obesity is hard. You will be judged. The media plays an important role in the judgment that comes with being overweight. Healthcare professionals and employers are quick to blame others. But obesity is complicated and multifaceted. Before assumptions about the victims of obesity can be made, it must be understood.

Why is weight loss still taboo?

Weight loss is often stigmatized. Because of the high cost of treating obesity, and other comorbidities such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, state-funded healthcare services can be expensive.

Recent research has shown that patients are more inclined to seek the help of doctors who perform gastric bypass surgery. Because they know how much better their lives can be after the surgery than feeling depressed about having tried another diet. Patients often give up after three days.

Obesity can have many negative consequences, such as the following:

Mortality rate:

Overweight and obese people are more at risk than those who don't. This can be as high as 40% in women and 62% in men. Your life expectancy can be reduced by these BMI's up to 10 years.

Weight loss is a matter that affects mortality. A slimmer waistline can make your resume more appealing than one that is too bulky.

Quality Life:

Studies have shown that obese people are often less satisfied with their lives than their normal-weight counterparts. Jia and Lubetekin (2006) discovered that this was true for both women and men, regardless of their depression.

A poor lifestyle can make it less worthwhile and may also have a negative impact on your mental health.


Your ability to bend, kneel and lift your body weight are key factors in your daily activities.


Extensive research has shown that obesity can have a significant impact on fertility. Obese people have lower chances of conception, a higher chance of miscarriage, gestational diabetes pregnancy, and other complications (Norman 2010).

Mental Health:

Anxiety and depression can be a problem for obese people. This is due in part to the poor body image that obesity can cause. Some people may experience more anxiety and depression after becoming obese.

Your emotional well-being goes beyond getting enough sleep. Your emotional well-being can be affected by many factors. Your self-worth may be affected by how we see ourselves and what that means. ), personality traits/sexual orientations, etc.

Obesity can be a serious problem. Obesity can not only be a serious problem for your health but also cause financial limitations and other problems. Many people who are obese or overweight feel embarrassed about asking for help. People are afraid of backlash from family members and friends if it is revealed how long ago they have lost control over their food intake. This could lead to unhealthy eating habits that can have long-lasting consequences.